Project PRISM (2016)

Game Design & Development: Paula van den Besselaar 
Emberlight studio: Noor HageCaroline Kilg & Olivier Winsemius

PRISM is a Devkit for an alternative controller that could connect with your smartphone. We created the controller with a working game and a building guide for the devkit.

This project was an extention of an earlier project of the Emberlight studio team. With this second prototype they wanted to explore the gameplay possibilities of their product, therefore did I join the team as game designer.

Prism allows you to play games and other interactive modes by touching and moving the triangular game pieces. Each triangle contains three ‘pixels’ which you can control though tapping on the glass or changing the position of the triangles in relation to each other. The mother triangle controls the connection to the application with which you can select game modes and find all the support for the game you are playing.

The first game mode we are presenting is PrismLab. You play an aspiring mad scientist in the field of TriChemistry who learns how to create new elements by manipulating and combining the triangles.