Boardgame: North Sea Castaway (2016)

Design: Paula van den Besselaar & Lisa Hummel
Art: Floor Koens, Paula van den Besselaar & Lisa Hummel
(The original team existed out of seven members, we divided ourselves in three sub-groups who were working on separate concepts.)

A schoolproject were you had to design something for a real client outside of school. My team and I were assigned to the North Sea project. Our client was ” De Praktijk ” ; An independent creative bureau for education and science communication.
The assignment of our client was to design a physical educational game with a digital component. The game should broaden the knowledge students have about the North Sea. It  must be playable with the entire class.

In the game players are stranded on the North sea. They have to travel from sandbank to sandbank with the resources they can find on sandbanks. A lot of bluffing and trolling is involved if you want to win.
The class is split-up in different groups that play on their own board. Every board has a expedition leader that changes every game round. The player with this role is the gamemaster for a round. All the gameboards are connected by a application that triggers events for all the groups.

You can read all our project documentation on our blog: View blog