App: Mastering the Force (2019)

Client: Kaufland

Company: Icemobile

Licence: Star Wars

Role: Concept designer, Game Designer

Mastering the Force is an app created for a Star Wars themed loyalty campaign at Kaufland. The campaign ran in 9 different countries for 5 weeks and was al about training like a Jedi.

In the app the kids can make their own Jedi persona with name, lightsaber and droid.

The collectable cards of the program could be scanned with the app to add them to your digital collection. Some of the cards have an AR effect on them to bring to life. A card or the entire collection can be shared with friends and family to trade and complete the collection.

During the program, every day of the week a new lesson will become available to teach you more about the ways of the Jedi.

At the end of every week a Jedi trial would unlock that would conclude a chapter of your training. A trial can be triggered in store or at home and would present the user with four familiar AR scenes from the Star Wars Saga.